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From: mike tompkins
Subject: The Farmer Ad 2,Farmer boy
We both cleaned up and went down stairs to the
kitchen where you were waiting for us to get done.
Milk and cereal were on the table. You told us to get
something to eat; it is going to be along day. We sat
and eat our breakfast. Jack said he had a nice time
and to had to leave work and did not want to be late,
jack got dressed and left. You handed me a pair of
overalls and told me to put them on, I could do the
dishes later. We went to the barn and handed me a
pitchfork and told me to clean out the stalls. So I
went to work while you went to the other side of the
barn and started to clear out some old boxes and haul
them out of the barn. Cleaning the barn was hard
sweaty work. By the time I was done my hands and back
was sore. You walk up to me with a class of piss and
told me how well I'm doing so far my boy, I said thank
you sir. You then told me to strip, so undid my
overall and let them fall to the ground and you force
me to my knees and you said open wide boy and open
your fly lolitas preteen top model
and pull out your cock and started to piss
into my mouth, you told my not to miss a drop which I
did not miss a drop, and I said thank you sir for the
drink, there more were that came form boy. Now stand
up and follow me.
So I got up and follow him to the back of the barn.
Were there were some chain hanging form the rafters.
On a bale of hay were some leather restraints. Sir put
restraint on both of my wrist and my legs. He then
grabbed my wrists and connected them to my wrist and
announced time for your lessons my boy. My arms and
legs were spread far apart, and then SIR pulls out a
pair of combat boots that are tied together and walk
up to me and ties them to my balls and lets them hang
down between my legs at first they hurt like hell. I
never had this done before. I start to scream and SIR
slaps my face and told me to shut up and take it. SIR
then reaches for his paddle and smacks me on the ass.
I was told to keep count, he slaps me and I forget to
count, SIR slaps in the face and count boy can't you
count, I said YES SIR. Then count then slaps my ass
again and I say one sir, then two sir , three sir ,
four , five, six , seven , eight, nine , then ten sir.
And SIR stopped and I thank you sir for my spanking.
SIR just smiled that's my boy. And left me hanging for
what seem like eternity, but was just an hour.
You released me and started too rubbed my arms and
then you forced me to the ground onto my knees and put
you cock into my moth and piss again top 10 lolitas tgp afterwards I
thank you for your piss sir. You grind at me and told
me to follow you, still naked my clothes nowhere in
sight , so I just follow you to the house were a
blankets and pillows was in front of the fireplace.
SIR told me to get down on my back and put your head
on the pillow, I did as I was told. SIR dropped his
pant and said it was time for lunch with that he
straddled my face and stuck his ass into my face and
speeded his cheeks and told me to lick his ass. I
stuck my tongue up his ass and licked it clean then he
proceeded to cut lose and shit slowly into my face and
told me to eat it all up, this was the first time I
ever eat shit at first I thought I would get sick ,
but I tasted it was creamy. After that I just ate
like I never did before, now I can't get enough sir
handed a wash cloth to whip his ass and to whip my
face. SIR told me to roll over now to take care oh his
hard on, so I rolled over and spread my cheeks so he
would have easy access to my hole. Sir pushed it in
all the way at once. The pain not too bad this time,
he plowed my hard and fast and deep, we both were
sweating like pigs and I love the man smells, he
fucked me for two hour long and I enjoy every minute
of his massive dick going my hole and when he was done
I thank my sir for fucking me and loving every minute.
After our fuck session sir told me to get up stairs
and take a shower we are going to visit a friend of
his today since I have been a good boy so we proceeded
to the bathroom we I wash my sir and sir washed me, I
dried sir fist and then my self.. Sir handed my
overalls, and I thin white t-shirt then sir put my
collar on me. He informed me we are going to visit
some one. Sir got dress in blue jeans and a white tank
top, which showed off his hairy chest. We left in the
pickup truck and drove for about thirty Minutes or so.
We arrived at another farm house, there were no houses
to be seen just corn fields and dirt roads. When we
got out of the truck sir told me not to speak preteen girl lolita pics unless
spoken too. I just looked at sir. at the door stood a
man in his 50's gray hair about 5'11' 175 lb wearing
nothing but a pair of blue jeans with the top button
open enough to see the hair line of his pubic area.
Sir said hello tom and shake hands and lead us into
his back door. Tom said so this is your new boy Sam
and sir said yes and he is not quite broken in but he
is learning quickly his duties. Tom just smiled and
said well. Sir told me to strip and I took off my
overalls and pealed my shirt off. And stood still till
I was told what to do next, Tom walked up to me and
looked me over and told me to turn around. I did as I
was told and tom started to gab me ball and gave them
a squeeze to see if I would react to what he had done
to my balls, I just moaned a bit, I knew if I made any
thing but a moan I would be whipped so I just moaned a
lot in pleasure. Tom just smiled and said you have a
nice one here let's put him through the passes. Tom
dropped his jeans and take out his cock and go down on
my knees, I lick it so free illegal lolitas porn gentle.
You like the salty taste. Tom massages my ass and
shoves his sweety lolita teen pussy
hard cock in my wet mouth. Tom's rhythm
picks up and he start to plunge, it goes deeper down
my throat. Tom's cock is reaching a greater fathom and
his cock begins to swell even larger. Tom stops and
said let try the other end. By this time sir has taken
off his clothes and was naked and standing with a hard
on watching tom have his way with my moth. Tom yanked
me up to my feet by my arm and proceeded to take me
into a room where there was a sling hanging for the
ceiling and whip ,chains and other stuff was hang on
the walls. Tom put me in the sling and tied my arms
and legs to the chain. Tom put weights on my pierced
nipples and let them hang; it hurt at first, and then
started too pleasurable. Next tom reaches for my ass
and started to rub it forcefully. Nice ass your boy
has got there Sam, sir just smiled, time to grease it
up and see what it can do. With that sir reach for the
can and smeared it all over my hole. Tom started to
stick lolitas preteen top model two fingers at a time, in and out slow at first,
then faster. Sir told me to breathe and it won't hurt
so much so that what I did, sir put a lolitas little girls nude
small bottle
under my noise and I thought I was so turned on. I
wanted more , tom kept working on my ass till he had
all five finger up my ass and held it here for a
minute or two till he thought it was time to pull it
all the way in .
Tom slowly pushes his arm up into my ass inch by inch
till he reached his lolitas preteen top model elbow and slowly pushes it in and
out. Sir was at my head and stroking my face with
pleasure on his mind. In one hand sir had his hard
cock and placed it into my moth, which I open it wide
to except it, I could tastes the precum from his piss
slit; it was sweet to the taste of my masters sweet
nectar. Sir put his shaft into my eager moth and
fucked my face till he shot of load in my moth; I
thanked him for using my moth and given his load. I
saw tom pull his arm out of my asshole, tom looked
into my eyes and smiled then looked to my master for
approval. Tom walk over to a shelf and pick out I big
12 in by 4 in dido and walk back to my ass and
inserted it in and told me not to let it fall out.
With that he put it in with one slow motion till it
was all the way up my ass, My master looked at me I
knew I better tell tom thank you for putting the dildo
into my ass. And master just smiled and they both walk
out leaving me in the sling with this big dildo up my
ass. And it felt great, I had to keep my ass tight so
I would not let the dildo fall out it seem like hours
but when they returned they untied me and told me to
get off and get on all fours.
My arms and legs hurt from being tied up so long. SIR
put a leash on me and walked me around out side like a
dog, he order me to take a piss and shit just like a
dog. Sir told me I was not allowed to relieve myself
in the house. So I raised my leg like a dog and piss
and shit out side. Sir wiped my ass and told me free illegal lolitas porn
I was
a good mutt and patted me on the head. I was tied up
to the porch and told to lie down and wait for sir to
return. I lay naked on the back porch; a bowl of water
was brought out for me. And was patted on the head by
Tom, I sat in the hot sun getting sweaty. I must have
been out there for an hour or so. Sir came out told me
to put my overall on, and he looked at me and said,
what do you say boy. I said thank you sir to tom. Tom
just smiled and we left to return to the farm. SIR did
not say a word till we return to the drive of the farm
and stop at the mail box and told me to get out and
get his mail. I jumped out of the truck and retrieved
his mail and handed it to him, getting back in to the
truck and driving up the long drive to the house.More to cum
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